"Ed Magedson of RipOffReport Knowingly Publishes False Child Molestation Accusations."

This is an actual publication being facilitated by ed magedson of ripoffreport.com. He has been informed and has checked polilce records, yet knowingly facilitates the public online hosting of false ACCUSATIONS OF BEING A CONVINCTED CHILD MOLESTER

What would you do if someone published as fact that you were a convicted child molester?


Ed Magedson “CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER” publisher. This is an example of the exact publication being facilitated by edmagedson of ripoffreport.com. Victim Pissed Off! Creates Website describing his outrage, http://edmagedson.net Magedson goes on to threaten the victim about the website www.EdMagedson.net. I would suspect anyone falsely accused of a child molestation conviction would be outraged. Not sure who would care if the world knew they were outraged about Ed Magedson knowingly and falsely facilitated the publication of such a outrageous lie. The fact is there would be court records and police records associated with a child molestation conviction, and Ed Magedson is fully aware there are no such records and that the accusation is totally false, yet he continues to arrogantly flaunt his pleasure at publicizing a heinous, destructive falsehood. Would you be Pissed off if a Website knowingly published a lie that you were a convicted child molester?

Ed Magedson has been informed and has checked police records, yet knowingly facilitates the public online hosting of false ACCUSATIONS OF BEING A “CONVINCTED CHILD MOLESTER”.

Ed Magedson is aware that the victim has never been on trial for any such case, has never been under any suspicion of any related activity associated with such a charge, and in fact has no criminal record whatsoever.

When challanged to display proof of this sinister accusation, Ed Magedson falls silent.

Ed Magedson is a bold face liar, the world knows he has knowingly extorted thousands, however facilitating something so demonstrably damaging crosses all lines of decency and safe harbor, and he will pay. The victim in this case is preparing to sue Ed Magedson and RipOffReport for liable and punitive damages. Ed Magedson also meticulously and deliberately impugns any Internet based publication service in order to monopolize the industry he claims is so extortive. It’s a twisted, hypocritical, sleezy and destructive paradigm Ed Magedson has created. His days of skating in the courts is coming to an end.

From www.dailyglib.com